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International Movers

International Movers

Moving overseas is a stressful task, especially for people who have entire homes filled with furniture and housewares. Issues regarding larger items such as cars, recreational vehicles and boats can be a hassle for homeowners. Many people sell or donate their household items when moving overseas because of the overwhelming amount of work involved in packing up and shipping their belongings. International movers take the stress out of an overseas move.

Free Shipping Estimate

At Movingley, we provide estimates based on the amount and types of items that need to be moved, as well as where the items are being shipped from and to. All you need to provide is the date of your move, the zip code of your current location, and the address you are moving to.

Comparing International Moving Costs

Our database only lists reputable international movers that are professionally licensed, insured and bonded, so you don’t have to wonder whether there will be a liability issue or if you will be properly reimbursed if any of your belongings are lost or damaged.

International movers aren’t just another shipping service. The movers will come to your current residence and even pack and crate your goods if desired. All of your household items will then be shipped overseas, where international movers will bring your belongings directly to your new residence. There’s no need to pick up the shipment, and some movers even offer an unpacking service.

Think that you’ll need to sell your vehicle before an international move? Not necessarily. International movers offer shipping of oversize items including cars, boats and recreational vehicles. As with everything else, your vehicle will be picked up at your current location and dropped off at your new, overseas residence. Because the movers in our database use both air and sea shipping, it’s possible to ship large items overseas. Shipping of vehicles is typically offered as a separate service and is billed separately from your main move.

Moving overseas is an overwhelming task, but you don’t have to do all of the work yourself. Use our database to get an accurate estimate for an experienced, reputable mover that can handle your specific moving needs. No matter how much you need to ship, you can get door-to-door service to make your overseas move as smooth and free of hassle as possible.